Singapore Culture

Family Life

Usually South East Asian people live in extended family structure. But in Singapore, people live in urban society. They live in apartments with their immediate families. Almost 78% of Singapore’s families comprises only of parents and children. An avaerage of four people form an average house hold. The Singaporean live in high raising or condominiums or apartments. These apartment called as housing estate and are created by the Housing board development of the Singapore Government.

In community spirit is seen as vital factor. In every neighborhood of Singapore there is one or more a community centre. Each housing estate has a resident committee. Activities and community projects like Night watch are organized by the communities.

Arranged marriage is a common thing. The Singaporean couples have the civil ceremony firs at the registry of marriages and then followed by a traditional wedding ceremony. The couples get married only after they get an apartment.Since woman cannot avail for an apartment. Only after they complete the age of 35 they are eligible for an apartment. After marriage, the women take full responsiblity of the household.

There is a shift in planning policy of “Two is enough”. Government gives financial and tax incentive for having more than three children. All these measures are adopted because of fall in birth rate.
Interracial marriage is common sight. Instead of belonging to a particular race all people consider them as Singaporean


THz Singagore cuisine is an indcation of Singapore’s ethnic cultural diversity. It is influenced by the predominant Chinese, Malay Indonesian, Indian and western traditions. Other than their home food, the Singapore people eat food at hawkers’ centers or food courts like Lau Pa Sat or Newton Food Centre. Outside their house.

The Singapore Tourism board has promotes the Singapore cuisine to attract the tourists. In Order to celebrate the Singapore cuisine, the Singapore government organzies the Singapore food festival in July


The difference races of Singapore wear their respective traditional attire. For instance the Chinese woman wear the traditional costume called the Cheongsam
Baju Kurung is the traditional dress of the Malay. It is a long tunic that is worn over the long skirt.
The Indian women in Singapore wear their traditional attire called saris.

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