Shefayim Water Park

The Shefayim Water Park is the biggest and most renowned park in the country of Israel. The water park is spread on an area of 24 acres and it consists of 3 complexes – the water park complex, the paint ball and adventure complex, the motorpark complex.

The spot also covers the fast-food spots, restaurents, etc.

The peculiarity of the Shefayim Water Park is the broad range of exhilarating attractions blended with effortless reachable site.

You will fine the water park a pleasant attraction, the swimming pool with small waves is sure to lure you. The pool gives you a sensation as if you are in a sea in the midst of small and big waves.

You can get immense pleasure by trying your hands on water slides such as the Kamikaze water slide, Oboe water slide, the water slides hill and lots more.

There is also an exclusive spot for your little ones. The baby pool and the slides will provide boundless enjoyment.

The water park has ample parking facility.


Shefayim Water Park
Round 2 (Tel-Aviv - Netania), kibbutz Shefayim
Phone: 09-9595756/7,
Fax: 09-9595750

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