Saudi Education System

Preschool Level
This includes education before school entry. It is offered by kindergartens and nursery schools aiming to nourish young children before the age of six. Although it isn't a compulsory level, many people consider it an important step in their children's journey of life.

Elementary, Intermediate & Secondary Level
This level is compulsory and provided freely and spans three sublevels. The duration is six years for primary school, and three years each of intermediate and high school.
After elementary education, students can attend either high schools offering programs in both the arts and sciences, or vocational schools. Students' progress through high school is determined by comprehensive exams conducted twice a year and supervised by Ministry of Education .

Higher Education Level
This encompasses the university and college study levels that leads to degrees of Associate, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate. Ministry of Higher Education is the supervising organization on higher education institutions and sublevels. There are 52 universities and colleges in the kingdom, funded by government and private sectors.

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