Oman Profile and History

The arab nation, oman is situated in the southwest asia on the southeast coast of the arabian peninsula, which is bordered by the uae from the northwest side, by saudi arabia on the west and yemen on the southwest. It has 2,092 km long coastline.

Here the hereditary sultan is the chief of government and the state, which in turns appoints the cabinet, known as, 'Diwans' for helping him in executing his duties.

Oman's sultanate is divided into the 9 governorates and regions. Oman has generally hot climate where temperature rises to 54 degree celsius in the hot season.

In 1970, QABOOS bin Said Al Said ousted his father and has ruled as sultan ever since. His extensive modernization program has opened the country to the outside world and has preserved a long-standing political and military relationship with the United Kingdom.

Oman's moderate, independent foreign policy has sought to maintain good relations with all Middle Eastern countries.

Capital: Muscat
Religion: Islam
Electricity: 220 Volts
Currency: Rial Omani (Rial = 1000 Baisa)
Official language: Arabic (English widely used)

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