New Zealand Indian Central Association Inc.

New Zealand Indian Central Association (Inc) was established in the year 1926.Intially the organization opened branches at Taumarunui (country section), Auckland, and Wellington, where considerable Indian population were present.

The Indian population in New Zealand realized the requirement of a distinct body to symbolize them in their struggle against biased immigration rules, and harsh legislation, and to encourage harmony among the Maori people, Indians, and the paramount European population residing in the island country. The Organization was also started with the intention to react to deceptive propaganda regarding the Indians staying in New Zealand.

The central organization was established with the motive to progress the Indians’ cause in all areas be it, educational political, welfare, health, or cultural individuality.

At present the three branches has evolved into 10 autonomous, integrated self-administrating branches, everything associated with the New Zealand Indian Central Association (Inc.).

The association office bearers comprises of President, General Secretary, Vice President, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary. The Executive committee together with the everybranch's designated members administers and organizes the association’s affairs.


New Zealand Indian Central Association Inc.
PO Box 1941,
Wellington, New Zealand
Email: [email protected]

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