New York City

The most populous city in the country of United States is NewYork city. It is also one of the most thickly populated areas in the universe. The headquarters of the United Nations is located in New York. It is also important city for international affairs, and it broadly regarded as the cultural capital of the universe.

One of the most important industries in NewYork is Tourism. Annually, nearly a combined strength of 50 million people, that comprises of domestic and international tourist visit the city. Some of the important tourist spots located in the city is

The Statue of Liberty

It is a colossal neoclassical sculpture located on the Liberty Island in the NewYork harbor. The renowned French sculptor, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi designed the statue of Liberty. The statue is considered as a gift by the French people to the United States. The statue resembles the Roman Goddess of freedom, Libertis. It holds a torch, a tablet inducing the law (tabula ansata). On it is engraved the American declaration of Independence date, July 4, 1776. The statue of Liberty became an emblem of freedom and the United States. The statue stands at a height of 151 feet 1 inch (46 meter); the ground to torch height is 305 feet 1 inch (93 meters).

Empire State Building

It stands as a cultural icon of America and it consists of a 102 storey landmark skyscraper. Ever since its construction completion in the year 1931, it remained as the tallest building on the universe for nearly four decades. It lost its first place to the World's trade centre in 1972, however, it regain its first slot as Network’s tallest building, subsequent to the world trade center destruction in the year 2001.

The American Soceity of Civil Engineers named the Empire state building as one of the seven wonders of the Modern world. In the year 1986, it was chosen as the National Historic landmark. The building is presently the loftiest skyscraper in the United States, subsequent to the Trump International Hotel and tower and Willis tower both in Chicago.

Bronx zoo

It is the biggest metropolitqan zoo in the united sates. It is spread on an area of 266 acres (107 ha) of parklands and naturalistic environs. The Bronx river flow through the park. Some of the main feature of the park are the Congo Gorilla Forest, Tiger Mountain, World of Monkeys, World of Birds, Jungle World, Wild Asia Monorail, Madagascar!, etc.

Some of the other historical spots are the, Ellis Island, Rockfeller center, Washington Square Park, Botanical park etc.

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