New rules issued by Indian mission in Kuwait for compensation claims

Indian embassy in Kuwait said that authorities in Kuwait need certificate of legal heirship and Power of attorney for dealing with the compensation claims in the event of the demise of an Indian national in a mishap.

The mission in a statement said when an Indian national dies in work-site accident, road accident or any other accident, the embassy has been consistently dispatching an advisory communication via a registered letter to the deceased’s lawful successors to hire it as their Attorney and forward legal heirship & power of attorney certificate.

The mission further added that the document must have the due attention of the relevant authorities in India like First class magistrate or district magistrate, certified officer belonging to the State Government, consular section, External affairs ministry, New Delhi or the Branch Secretariat belonging to the Ministry of External affairs (exterior Delhi) for death compensation claim filing on the legal heirs’ behalf

The corresponding authorities in India provides legal heirship certificate as “Family member official document” or “certificate “that has the identical particulars that the local authorities needed to be specified in the certificate of legal heirship.

The mission said the deceased’s legal heir employ any individual of their preference who is a resident of Kuwait or Indian Embassy as their legal representative for the death compensation case filing with the corresponding Kuwaiti authorities.

As per the native laws, cases of death compensation is pertinent to work-site mishap which must be filed within 12 months and the traffic mishap case must be filed within 36 months from the accident date, else it is becomes disqualified.

The embassy said it has a panel of 5 competent lawyers who services can be made use of in these kind of cases.

Source:The Economic Times

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