Makgadikgadi Pan

Makgadikgadi Pan is a big salt pan in the midst of Botswana’s north eastern arid savannas. It is one of Globe’s biggest salt flats. The pan at present is a previous bigger water body, Lake Makgadikgadi, which once upon time encompassed an area as much the size of Switzerland. However it got dried, a thousand years back.

At the Makgadikgadi Pan, you can notice about the borders, rough grasses waft, the skies tapped by the primeval baobabs and the vultures soar to the atmosphere. You can find the remnants of Stone Age and experience the saline winds whirling above the broken earth.

Wildlife at Makgadikgadi Pan

The pans are the vestiges of the ‘super lake’ of Africa, which enveloped the Kalmar, numerous million years back and was beleaguered with the altering ecosystems’ fossils, which followed. At present there is an existence, of tough as well as wandering wildlife. Some of the common inhabitants you will encounter all around the year are the Meerkats, brown hyena, mongooses, aardwolf and aardvark and are present all year round.

You can have a glimpse of Secretary birds, the largest bird in the world, the Ostrich, or the Korhaans moving through the grasses, or the bateleurs towering over your head. During the rainy season. You will find the whole pan getting a pink tint, with hordes of flamingoes flocking the pan. Some to the majority communities you can find are the Zebras, and wild beasts loitering in the Savannahs.


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Makgadikgadi Pan

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