Maharashtra Mandal London

One of the oldest Marathi organizations present outside India is the Maharashtra Mandal London. It was formed in the year 1932, when the noted Marathi writer and politician, Mr.N.C.Kelkar attended the London round tale conference. At tea inaugural tea party, number dignitaries, graced the ocassion. Some of the prominent personalities were Dr. Ambedkar, Divan Surve of Kolhapur, Barrister Jaikar, Dr Paradhi and Dr Godbole was present. A main person who formed the foundation for the Mandal was Mr. Tamhankar of the Kesari newspaper. He was also the secretary to Mr. Kelkar. .

The mandal prospered to a great extent, until the outbreak of the second world war. During the war torn period, the mandal’s activities were stopped.

It was later in the year 1952, it activities were revived, during the tenure of Mr. Balasaheb kher as High Commissioner of India in London. The Mandal later became meeting place for organizing Marathi music concerts, Marathi cuisine, dramas and Diwali dinners. , A number of prominent personalities from Maharashtra have visited the Mandal like, Y.B. Chavan, C.D.Deshmukh, M.M.D.V. Potdar, and Mr. Sharad Pawar. Mr. Vilas Rao Deshmukh, former Maharashtra chief minister, visited the Mandal recently.

In the year 1989, the Maharashtra manual obtained it own premises. Since then it is organizing nearly ten to twelve cultural functions annually. Likewise it conducts a number of regular activites like, conducting annual summer holiday play scheme for the kids, and organizing sports events like badminton, tennis, for the adults. It also conducts talent shows and dramas, etc.

Address :

Maharashtra Mandal London,

Maharashtra Bhavan,

306 Dollis Hill Lane,

London NW2 6HH.

Telephone : 0208 450 5009

.E-Mail : [email protected]

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