Kuwait Kannada Koota

Kuwait Kannada Koota is a non-profit , social cultural association that is registered with the Indian Embassy, Kuwait. It is a renowned Kannada organization in Kuwait that was established in the year 1984, and it is now regarded as the foremost organization in Kuwait. The koota includes Kannada speaking individuals as its constituents with the depiction from all areas of the Karnatak state, India.


The main objective of the Kuwait Kannada Koota have been to encourage the culture of Karnataka in the field of music, drama and other kinds of art that assists the kannada community to preserve its affluent culture & heritage.

Some of its other objectives

To offer a podium for the Kannada speaking individuals residing in Kuwait to exchange the thought of common interest especially in the arts & cultural field

To communicate and implant conventional values amid the youths in the society and make them aware of the affluent heritage of Karnataka.


Dr. Diwakar , president, moblie : 60060345

[email protected]

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