Kerala Wing

The Kerala Wing of Indian Social Club, a unique organization in the socio-cultural scenario of Sultanate of Oman, was founded on 20th January 2001. The existing system prior to this was neither fulfilling the aspirations nor representing the interests of the common Pravasi Keralites residing in Oman. The need for an organization which should provide succor to the common pravasis and reflect the cultural heritage of Malayalis was felt by a group of progressive minded individuals. The breakthrough came by the end of 2000 and the first official meeting was held on 20 January 2001. The Organization was inaugurated by the Gandharva of Indian music, Dr. K J Yesudas on 29th January 2001, by reciting the most famous verses of legendary social reformer, Shree Narayana Guru, ‘Oru Jathi, Oru Matham, Oru Dhaivam Manushyanu’ meaning One Caste, One Religion, One God for Man. Since then, we have lived up to this manthra, upholding the true secular traditions of Kerala.


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