Indian Malayalee Cultural association of Milan (IMCAM)

The increasing population of Indian community, especially the Malayalee community, leads to the creation of the Indian Malayalee association of Milan (IMCAM) in the year of 1990. Ever since its inception, it has grown in potency and importance among the Malayalees in the vicinity of Milan. It now has emerged, as a leading association for the keralites in Milan.

For the past one decade, the association plays a crucial role, in amalgamation of the Malayalee community in Italy. It strives to keep together, the affluent cultural heritage of India and society energetic. The association also organizes, and conducts, the major festival of the Malayalees such as Onam, Vishu/Easter, Christmas, etc.
The other goals of the association are

To counsel and assist the Malayalees, who newly arrive at Italy, on their essential papers for residence and career assistance.

To expand, and preserve the mutual relations, with the Indian consulate, the same wave length organizations, and other several numerous Indian associations.


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