How to Get A Driving License In Kuwait?

To obtain a driving license you need to first get a learner’s license and then get qualified for the driver test

If you are an expatriate in Kuwait then you need to have the following requirements

Must have a degree certificate (confirmed by the ministries)

Must earn a minimal salary of kd400 per month.

Must have a valid residence, you must have resided a minimum of 2 years before applying for the driving license.

Normally expatriates should fulfil the abovementioned requirements and get qualified for applying a driving license. However individuals in some professions are excused from the above mentioned conditions. These comprise of

Domestic servants, drivers belonging to for public bodies & organizations, doctors, , advisors, pharmacists, experts, judges, lawyers, public prosecutors, college & university professors, , social workers, teachers, engineers, , laboratory operators, foreign divorcees, foreign women wedded to Kuwaiti men, widows of Kuwaiti men, foreign husbands, kids of Kuwaiti women, prayer calls, Mosque imams, Holy quran teachers, librarians employed in Govt. Authorities, nursing staffs, journalists, managers, X-ray technicians, graduate accounts, professional sports coaches & players, sports coaches, air- hostess & air-steward, graduate computer programmers, students, undertakers & persons incharge of the funeral, housewives with husbands or housewives with kids making an earnings of more than KD400 permonth

While receiving the learner’s driving license, the applicant should visit the Governate’s Traffic department in which he or she is residing. There he must visit the license section. He or she must submit the following documents


Original as well as copies of Civil ID.

Photograph (pass port size)

Eye as well blood test report

If the applicant is employed then he need to get his employer’s attestation letter.

Work permit copy

Employment letter from a ministry or work permit copy from the ministry of social affairs & labour.

All the above mentioned documents must be submitted for the driving test registration together with the stamped application form. You need to go to the driving test centre of your governorate’s traffic dept and fix a date for the driving test by paying a booking fees which would be only a minimum amount.

To get a Kuwaiti driving license based on the native country license

Expatriate applying for the Kuwaiti driving license based on his native country license must submit the following documents to the traffic department of the Governorate in which he or she is residing.

Passport and its page copies must exhibit the personal particulars as well as the residence stamp.

Sponsor’s letter declaring the status of the applicant in the nation and the applicant’s complete residential address.

Residential address proof such as tenancy deal or electricity bill copy

Driving license (original) from the native country.

Original driving license’ photocopy endorsed by the applicant’s embassy in Kuwait.

A copy of the blood certificate obtained from the local clinic

Photographs as needed

Attested degree certificate

Individuals who are not permitted to get a Kuwaiti driving license based on their national must visit the traffic department’s license section located at Shuwaikh and get endorsed for the learner’s license.

Driving license renewal

The Kuwait driving license has a 10 year validity based on the age of the driver. When the license gets expired, it can be renewed within a day at the Traffic department which originally gave the license

The driver’s age decides whether it is mandatory to have an eye test or not. Drivers up to the age of 40 year are excused and are provided a 10 year driving license renewal. However the renewal is provided only when they are up to the age of 50 and they need to have an eye test if they are above 50 year of age.

The documents that need to be submitted must comprise of

Passport and Civil id original and copies

Old driving license

Photograph (passport size)

Application (type form)

Eye test report

Drivers in the age group of 50 to 55years are provided a 5 year renewal and those above 55 years are provided renewal only for up to 60 years. The drivers above 60 years of age are given 3 year license with the condition that they need to pass the eye test each time they apply for renewal.

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