Herod’s Western Palace

The Herod’s Western Palace or the summer palace of Herod is built in Masada, a mountain situated at a distance of 30 kms approximately in the southern direction of Jerusalem. Excavation carried out on Masada has exposed a lot. The remnants of Herod’s Palace are still evident.

The caves just about the settlement have parchment scrolls. In a dwelling of a well appointed cave, the bones of a woman, man and a kid with a scroll outlining, man’s life, whose name as per the scroll is `Yeshua ben Ya'akob ben Genesareth'. When the Roams invaded the palace, nearly thousand Jews house inside, committed mass suicide.

The Masada can be climbed by means of a tram, or you can take the demanding “snake trail”, a 700 stairs, and 2 km hike. Masada is recognized as a UNECSCO heritage site. The Herod’s western palace is treasure trove. It hangs on a hill side. You can a have a panaromic view of the Dead Sea from the palace. Inide the palace, you u can find inside the palace beautiful wall painting and floor decorations.

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