Hare Krishna Primary School

The Hare Krishna Primary School is a state incorporated Primary institution. The school educates complete New Zealand syllabus in between ages 5 to 13 from 1to 8 years. The unique feature of the school is replicated all through the prospectus, philosophy and traditions of the school. Apart from the New Zealand syllabus, Indian musical instruments, Vedic scriptures, language of Sanskrit are taught with a powerful prominence on the character education.

Some to the education objectives of the school:

To make sure that all the kids are given best chances for achievement in numeracy and literacy.

To make all the students to attain the best of their capabilities.

To precisely recognize the requirements of the students, by mean of dependable appraisal measures.

To utilize the information to stipulate the most suitable next steps in learning.

To offer a secure, motivating, and compassionate surroundings.

Contact us:

Hare Krishna Primary School

1229 Riverhead-Coatesvile Highway



New Zealand

Address (postal)

PO Box 349, Kumeu.

Auckland, 1250.

New Zealand.

Ph: (64)-9 412-6325

Fax: (64)-9 412-6326

Email: [email protected]

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