Grand Canyon National Park

Grand canyon National park is one of the oldest parks in the united Sates. It is situated in Arizona. The Grand Canyon is situated inside the park and the Colorado River gorge is regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The park is spread on an area of 1,217,403 acres (1,902 sq mi; 4,927 km2)

The route is sliced a mile deep into the earth and measures an average of 10 miles in breadth. The Colorado River snakes along it floor to a distance of 277 miles. There are two rims in the Grand Canyon and they provide vied experiences. The two rims lay 200 miles apart. Most to the visitors prefer South rim s they are very easy to access. The park is famous for the panoramic vista and the bulk of services. The Northern rim is very calm and boasts of its individual charms. The northern rim is situated at an 8200 ft elevation which is nearly 1000ft more then the southern rim.

The cool temperatures of the North rim hold up wildflower meadows and thick, tall stands of spruce and aspen.The air is crunchy and the sky is very immense and azure.

Accomodations near Grand Canyon Park

El Tovar Hotel
10 Albright Avenue, Grand Canyon - (888) 297-2757

Red Feather Lodge
106 Arizona 64, Grand Canyon - (928) 638-2414

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