Friends of India

In the begining of the 1980’s, God moved two Indian brothers, Adam and Eliah, to dedicate their entire lives caring for the poor orphans and widows. They began to open their homes to about 20 children who had lost their parents and used to wander at railway stations.

By mere coincidence, an American brother Scott Smith met the two Indian brothers in India. Starting from that time some Christians from the States and Hong Kong contributed money and prayers to begin the DaySpring Children’s Home in Andhra Pradesh, India to care for widows and orphans in the village as well as proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the villagers.

After a short mission trip to DaySpring early in 1997, a group of enthusiastic Christians from Hong Kong formed a registered society called the Friends of India (印度之友) to enhance accountability to donors and further develop the missionary work at DaySpring, India.

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