France Education System

The Education System in France is extremely federal, structured and ramified. The education system is segregated into three diverse phases

The primary education

Secondary education

Higher education

Primary education

Schooling is compulsory at the age of 6 which is the first year for the primary school education. Some send the children at the age of 3 of nursery school. Some even send at the age of 2.

In the first year of primary education, the kids will study how to write and also expand their reading abilities.

Secondary education

The secondary education in France is divided into two parts,A college for four years will follow the primary school education.

A lycee, for the subsequent there years. A secondary studies completion guides to the baccalaureate.

Brevet des colleges

The primary official diploma, a student has to sit is the Brevet des colleges. This is not necessary in turn to go into lycee. Until 2006, the whole of the third (4eme) and finale year (3eme) school marks were taken into consideration for percentage of marks. The rest of the mark is taken for the final exam called the Brevet. Only on French, History/Geography/Mathematics/ Citizenship for the Exam.

Starting from 2007, final year marks from the final year (3eme) were only taken into account. From 2011, people are also tested for an oral test, the History of arts.


The baccalauréat (also called as BAC) is the conclusion for the lycee period. The bac period is a professional period where the student goes into professional or University life. The Baccalauréat term denotes to the diploma and the examination itself.

Higher Education

The Higher education consists of three levels

License and License Professionally (Bachelor)

Master (Master)

Doctorate (Doctorate)

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