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Family life

Because of the growing values of the Catholic rural and church communities, the French society’s fundamental unit was customarily seized to be the family. By the twentieth century, the conventional family structure developed from extensive families to nuclear families subsequent to World War II. Ever since the 1960’s there is a decline in marriages and the divorce rate have increased. These social changes are replicated by the development in the divorce law and legal family rank.

According to the INSEE (the French National Institute for Statics and Economic Studies) outlines, in Metropolitan France, the family and household composition, persists to progress. During the period of 1982 to 1999, there was an increase in the single parent family pattern from 3.6% to 7.4%. Also there was a ride in the population of unmarried couples, single woman (from 16.0% to 18.5%) single man (from 8.5% to 12.5%) and childless couple.


Customary French culture gives top priority to the Food enjoyment. In the 20th century, George Auguste Escoffier, a French chef codified the French cuisine.

Cheese and Wine played a prominent role in French cuisine The French people conventionally eat a very plain breakfast. In a big handless bowl called the “boi”, they drink tea or Coffee. They eat pastries (croissants), bread for breaks fast. The other main meals of the day are Lunch ("déjeuner") and dinner ("dîner").

A starter course (entrée), a salad, a main course (“plat principal”) and lastly a cheese constituted a four part meal.


Paris is the foremost capital for design and fashion. The French people wear fashionable dress. Like other European and American people, they dress in t-shirts, jeans, skirts, capris, dresses, tracksuits, and long sleeves. A few people wear smart suits, but not all of them.


Association football is the country’s national sports. It is locally known as “la foot” in France. The much popular sports are rugby union, football (soccer), tennis, cycling, handball, tennis, sailing and basketball.

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