Fairhaven School Indian Dance Group

The idea of Fairhaven School is to dream, attempt, attain and to facilitate all cultures are rejoiced and rated. For each alternate year, the school rejoices varied cultural structure with a performance of school cultural festival.

Since the Fairhaven School has a significant population of Indian kids, there is an Indian cultural choice. A student will get interested in the Indian culture along with their attractive music and costumes.

The Prayer Dance together with candles (devas) is the initial dance sequence and it is followed by a Dance of Happiness called the Gaela Gaela dance.

The Fairhaven School kids have given performances at Te Puke centenary celebration, at a retirement home called the Cartier house. The kids really enjoy doing the performance. In turn the inhabitants also take pleasure in the communication with the kids and also the costume and dance performance.

To add attraction Bollywood movie dance sequence is also added to the trianing. Recently the school has added the popular song “Jai Ho”dance sequence, from the popular Oscar award winning move “Slum dog millionaire”.


Fairhaven School Indian Dance Group, Te Puke, New Zealand

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