Erin Ijesha (Olumirin Waterfall)

Erin Ijesha or the Olumirin Waterfall is one of natural wonders of the world. It is located in the Osun state of Nigeria. At the outset, you will find nothing unique, but as you climb the uphill plain, which is on seven levels, you will have braktkg views of nature, boundless amount of nature stored.

At all the levels, the views are spectacular; you will also find the water refreshing. However seventh level is somewhat diffcult to climb. You will find the third level equal to trudging the snow-white sharp Mount Everest.

The seventh pale is a wonderful; you will be at the peak of the waterfall. It is also a settlement for the ancient inhabitants for a number of years. The cascading waterfall amidst the soaring mountains, gives a blend of wildlife with tranquility.

The Erin Ijesha is also home to the fresh water prawns, belonging to the Atyidae, aridea family, and genus Caridina (genetic terms).

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