Driving renewal procedure in Kuwait

If you’re driving license have expired, then you need to follow the below mentioned procedures for renewing your driving license.

You need to duly fill the driving renewal application form. This you can do by filling the application at the Liberation Towers’ typing section or from the traffic depts...

Following essential documents required for your Driving renewal procedure

Your duly filled application form must be signed by your company’s certified signatory.

You need to attach your photo (4x6) on your application form and have one additional photo

You need to staple your original license as well as 10 KD stamp on your application form.

You need to enclose the following document copies

Signature confirmation of the official signatory of your company that is endorsed by the MOI (traffic dept)

Company license

Work permit provided by Ministry of Social Affairs & Labour and properly signed Company’s certified signatory & sealed.

Civil id

Driving license


Visit the concerned Traffic dept (opened after 4 pm)

Counter for receiving the application form will be closed after 6pm

Upon verification, your renewed license will be issued after 6pm.

Your renewed driving license will be valid for a period of 10 years.

You will be given license renewal if you are below 40 year. If you happened to be above 40 years at the time of renewal then you need to undergo an eye test

Eye test

Drivers below 40 years of age are exempted from the eye test and are provided a 10 year renewal of their driving licences for a fee of KD10.

If you are 50 years or above then you need to undergo an eye test at the MPH clinic located in Qortuba.

If you are of 50 to 55 of age you are given a renewed driving license for a period of 5-years.

If you 56 year of age you will given a 4-year renewal.

If you happened to 57 a 3-year renewal will be given. If you are aged 58, 59, a two year, one-year renewal will be given respectively.

If you are 60 years or above a driving renewal for a 3-year period (for a fee of KD3) will be issued, provided you need to pass the test.

If you are 63 and above you will be provided renewal for every three years provided you need to pass the eye test every time.

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