Dizengoff Center

The Dizengoff Center is a popular shopping center situated at the conjunction of Tel Aviv’s King George Street and Dizengoff Street and in the city of Tel Aviv. The shopping mall is named after Tel Aviv’s first mayor, Meir Dizengoff. The shopping center houses 420 shops and in weekdays it witnesses 20,000 visitors and on Fridays it has an inflow of nearly 45,000 guests.

You can find shops dealing in all genres- fashion, grocery, footwear, leather, beauty and cosmetic, health, electronics, mobile shop, computer goods and accessories, etc.

Apart from these stores, you can also find 2 movie theaters, a cyber café, a design hub (soho) for conducting exhibitions form all parts of the globe, a gym and a swimming pool located on its rooftop.


Dizengoff Center
Address: Corner of Dizengoff and King George St.

Tel Aviv
Tel: (03) 621-2416

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