Culture of Hongkong


Family unit is the pivot axle that moves the wheel of Hongkong. An individual in Hongkong is expected and should bring honor to the family. Most of the families in Hongkong are of extended type, which also include the elderly people like Grandpa and Grandmas. Until marriage, the children live with their parents. Even though at present in many Hongkong families are of separate or nuclear type, the extended families live adjacent to them and assist mutually.

The elderly people are given the due respect and honor by the family members. The Younger lot regard it is prime duty and honor to take care of their elders. It is very rare to find old age homes in Hongkong.

A number of the families in Hongkong have only one kid. Right from the tender age, the children are taught to honor and respect the elders. Kids are brought up with proper education.

In Hongkong several businesses are operated by families. This is because the Hongkong people are cautious of outsiders. Once the Father gets old, the business is handed over to his son, and this forms the basis of several large businesses in Hongkong.

Even though the men are the main bed winner for the family, the womenfolk also do part-time jobs.


The food in Hong Kong is greatly influenced by the Cantonese cuisine. Rice is the main staple for the Hong Kong people. They also eat seafood, wifecake (also known as sweet heart cake), which is a Chinese pastry prepared as thin and flaky skin from almond paste, water melon, sesame and flavored with 5 spice powder.

Other popular foods are dum sum, shark’s fin, herbal tea, moon cake, poached chicken, etc.


The HongKong people are very much particular in their dress code. You will not find grownup men wearing shorts or collarless shirts. Both men and women are not allowed to wear sleeveless dress in places of worship. The women wear traditional dresses, skirts, suits and blouses.


Some to the famous traditional sports played in HongKong are dragon boat racing, Rugby, Horse racing, etc. Hong Kong also regularly participates in international sports events like Asian Games, Commonwealth games, winter Olympics, summer Olympics, etc.

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