Chinese Garden

The Chinese Garden commonly called as the Jurong Gardens, is a recreational area located in Singapore’s Jurong East neighborhood. Prof. Yuen-chen Yu, a Taiwanese architect designed the park. It was constructed in 1975, based on the concept of Chinese gardening. The salient feature you can find in this park is the incorporation of magnificent architectural aspects with natural environs. It is situated adjacent to the Chinese Garden MRT Station and by means of a bridge; it linked to the nearby Japanese garden.

Some of the significant features

Stone Lion

The Chinese believe that the lion is regarded as an animal of fealty and authority; hence there area cloudy grained lions at the threshold of the Garden designed in typical Chinese style. The lions are dexterously sculptured from the marble stones imported from Taiwan.

Stone Boat and Tea house

The stone boat structure called in the Chinese language as “Yao-Yueh Fang” is another conventional feature of the Chinese architecture. You will be impressed with the peculiar and fantastic architectural design. Though its design is based on the boat style found at Peking’s summer palace, some alterations have been made in .the design and materials utilized, to get an ostentatious and impressive output.

The teahouse (‘Ming Hsiang Hsieh’) is a tiny structure that adopts the summer palace‘s style of detailed and zigzag gallery. This winding design is an elegant and typical Chinese architectural aspect.


In prehistoric period, the pagoda were simple tower, which the Buddhist worshipped and housed the human bones in it. Over the passage of time these simple towers were modified with architectural skills and at present the pagodas stand as examples of impressive architecture.

A 7 storey pagoda (‘Ru Yun T’a) is located on a small mound in Chinese Garden. The pagoda adopts the Ling Ku Temple Pagoda style at Nanjing.

Bonsai Garden

You can also visit the Bonsai garden spread on an area of 5,800 square meters. You can find buildings in Suzhou-style, with landscapes and houses an assortment of two thousand bonsais brought from China and other parts of the world.

Opening hours

Daily 6am - 11pm

Admission fee

No entrance fees.


1 Chinese Garden, Singapore 619795, Singapore
65 6261 3632

Hotels near Chinese Garden

Traders Hotel, Singapore
1A Cuscaden Road, Orchard, 249716 Singapore
6738 2222

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