Botswana Culture


Family life in Botswana comprises of 3 types, they are Nuclear, Single parent or Zero couple and extended type. The nuclear type comprises of husband, wife, with or without bachelor kids. The extended family is akin to the nuclear types except it comprises of some relatives and other non relatives. Single parent or Zero couple comprise varied circumstances, like widower, or widow, with or without kids, a married individual with the absence of a Spouse, a ‘living together’ individual with the absence of a partner, a separated or divorce individual with or the absence of kids and a assembly of bachelor or unconnected individual or only adult.

In a typical family one can find a patrilineal descend or patrilocal residence. A majority of family (about 49%) exists in rural villages and 39% are found in rural regions. Nearly forty one percent of the rural families are of zero couple type. Apart from the rural regions, the zero couple type is found in urban as well as, town areas.


Botswana’s cuisine is a peculiar and has some similarities with the other South African foods. The Seswaa and deeply salted mashed up meat are some of the peculiar foods. Some of the popular foods Botswana are Pap, Samp, Mopane worms and Vetkoek.

Apart from Chotlho or Seswaa, another traditional Botswana food is the Serobe, prepared from the intestines and other integral portions of sheep, goat or cow. The Botswana people also consume bogobe (Porridge), free range (conventionally bred chicken). Morama bean, Mopane worm are consumed in the remote areas of Botswana.


In the bush or safari areas, the men wear shorts, while in rural villages and town’s males wear long trousers. A typical dress worn by a Botswana woman is culottes or knee-length skirts.


One of the most renowned sports in Botswana is Football. Some of the other popular sports are tennis, cricket, softball, rugby, golf, handball, and track and field. Botswana is an associate constituent of the International Cricket Council.

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