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seeking information
I am looking a Michael Lopez. Mayalsian citizen of Indian descent. IC number:600 110-10-7087
he is about 50 years old. he was in Brunei some 20 years or so ago and then moved to Labuan. He is married with 4 children and was living at 10 Taman Seaview Kp. Tanjung Aru in Labuan. He was working for John Hancock, but left to set up Mike's Agency in Labuan. He cheated many people and ran away from Labuan with debts in the region of 500,000MR. He fled to Sabah, where he was working for a time with Waltons. He then went into farming cili. He has now run away to West Malaysia, having deserted his family, stolen from many people, has Criminal Breach ot trust, fraud, bankruptcy and theft of utilities pending against him. If you know of this man, please contact me direct Rita Palung, email: Also BEWARE, this man is a thief, liar, cheat and professional confidence trister.

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