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Hajj prices up by 40 percent
Hajj prices up by 40 percent

KUWAIT: Many hajj campaigns’ owners said the lack of support and alternatives force them to increase prices due to the services presented to those who join them, in addition to Kuwaiti campaigns already distinguished. The increase this year reached 40 percent from last year, as the price for each pilgrim was KD 1,350 on average, but jumped to KD 1,800, while 95 percent of campaigns have closed their records because they completed the number of pilgrims allowed. Consequently, many considered those factors as justification to join the “pavement” campaigns as they considered the high prices exhaustive.

Meanwhile, Awqaf Ministry Undersecretary Dr Adel Al-Falah said Kuwaiti hajj campaigns, through studies in Saudi Arabia, are considered among the top in presenting services to pilgrims. He added that hajj reached a point that is leaning towards luxury, and that they are working on reducing it, as there are complaints about the lack of ice cream in some campaigns. Falah pointed out that he told all campaigns to concentrate on the cultural and spiritual aspects, and live the concepts of hajj.

Falah said prices of Kuwaiti campaigns are realistic compared with those in poor countries though they do not get 25 percent of the services Kuwaiti pilgrims receive especially those presented at the holy lands and during their return to Kuwait. He said the number of Kuwaiti pilgrims is now controllable, adding that the ministry of Awqaf is seeking to get a permanent building for the Kuwait Hajj Mission in Saudi Arabia.

Most noted instructions for the upcoming hajj season: Respect the law and comply with its rules, stand together against all threats to the country, foil the attempts of everyone who wants evil and strife in the country, maintain security and stability of the country and state property, condemn violence and irresponsible acts, confront any acts and behaviors that aim at compromising security in the country, and stay away from gatherings during hajj. —Al-Qabas


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