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Frequent Rent increase in Kuwait.
Dear Indian brothers and Sisters living in Kuwait,

Subject : Frequent Rent increase in Kuwait.

I would like to narrate my experience regarding frequent rent increase in our building in Jleeb(Abbasiya) for the past three years and the frequent harassment of the Harris.

We moved to this new central ac building since its inauguration in May,2012 for monthly rent of KD 230 plus 5KD for garbage.This Apartment is a 1 bhk flat with two bath room, where the Kuwaiti partitioned the hall and claims it to be a

2 bhk flat. Just as we set up the flat spending money on painting the whole house, getting all the required furniture's ,additional kitchen cabinets , flooring etc feeling content that we can peacefully settle down now. With both my kids going to school close to the flat started gaining  a sense of peace as we slowly settled down. After the first month of stay , the Kuwaiti owner sold this building to a another Kuwaiti thus making our current contract and rent amount invalid. The new Harris came over the next month with a new contract for KD 240 plus 5KD for garbage for a period of 1 year.We had no other option but to sign the new contract.After spending so much on the new flat and kids going to school close by its seems impossible to react or move out to a new flat. Its seems like we had fallen into a trap.Seems like honeymoon days where slowly coming to an end.It was just the beginning of our nightmares. After another three months the Harris came and informed us that the rent is going to increase to by another 20 KD .

The flat members all decided to meet the Kuwaiti owner and humbly request that the rent hike was not justifiable as per contract and we all where not in a position to pay this increase in 20 KD , which would make the rent to KD 260 plus 5KD for garbage. We all assembled to the Kuwaiti owners office to speak to him. The Kuwaiti mandhoop came screaming out saying those who where not interested to just vacate the flat and no one will be spared who disagrees. Seeing this
aggressive behavior of the Kuwaiti Mandhoop all the flat tenants departed sadly thinking that all their hopes where shattered. Later that same evening the Harris came and said that Kuwaiti has agreed for a increase of KD 10 only and the rent will be KD 250/- .Those who disagree will have to pay Electricity and Water separately and will not be part of their rent. Obviously all agreed for KD 250 as the fear of paying electricity and water separately could be a shocker
later. We all signed a new contract for KD 250 , promised by the Harris that it is for 5 Years and there will be another hike only after the 5 years. We where all at peace thinking that at least for the next 5 years we could continue with this rent. We paid this rent for a Year.Again the Harris came and informed the tenants that the Rent is increased by another KD 10 followed by his same threatening talks for those who where not interested to vacate the flat.

Majority of the tenants agreed for the increase, as the increase was less than 10 percent, Many flats have sharing accommodation and they could not find cheaper accommodation, and also to avoid the hassles of shifting process. We did not get the contract for months though we where paying KD 260 plus 5 garbage every month. Though we requested for the new contract , the Harris gave excuses that the Kuwaiti is not in town and we would get it the next month. After few months the Harris came with the contract for KD 260/- without Kuwaiti signature .He asked us to sign on it and later he will give it back to us with the Kuwaiti signature on it. Till date we have not received the contract and we are paying rent for KD 260 , though we hold the old contract for KD 250/- .

Just recently May 2016 , the Harris stuck a notice on all the floors stating that the rent is going to increase by another KD 25 from July ,2016 ownwards.Those who are not interested  can vacate the flat.Our night mares where just beginning. This was too much to bear.Some of the flat members decided to unite and get consent from all the flats to go to court.The law stipulates that landlord can raise the rentals once every five years, and any increase other than
this is illegal. We where unaware of our legal rights and we agreed to pay higher rents every after a year or two. Still many flat members where reluctant to go to court to avoid the fear of legal policies and hassles of shifting.

Half of the flat members stood strong by heart and decided to go to court . We approached various legal advisers and Lawyers .Met them , addressed our concerns and concluded that the case would be in our favour.Somehow the harris came to know about taking our case to court.
He first started his threating tactics with all the flats that hold sharing accommodation . He started to make noise in all the sharing flats threatening them that Kuwaiti landlord has high vastha and will come with police and throw all the sharing accommodation people outside. He will throw all your things from the window , he will shutdown electricity ,water supply and ac. Those who disagree will face lots of problem later and make his life difficult to live in Kuwait.
The Harris did not even spare shouting at a sharing flat where a pregnant lady who was almost at the verge of delivery anytime , her husband was not in town. The harris threat and loud voice brought her speechless and crying and in tears.

The period of June to September is school vacation time and many flats are on vacation. With un bearable summer heat and Ramadan timing  it becomes more difficult to stand out against the Landlord thinking of all the hassles by going to court. Inspite of all the threat we did not lose heart and visited the Riqae Court just opposite Al Ooomooma hospital . All we had to do was get the Application typed submitting our contract copy, civil id copy and latest paid rent
receipt copy for 3 months along with Kuwaiti civil id copy.After getting the Application typed, there is a Mandhoop at court representing each Area. We need to get his signature and get it entered in the court systems. To our bad luck the court Mandhoop representing our area was not available. We got an appointment date after two days. So we got our Applications ready and went back. We also arranged to get a copy with court stamp and signature just to show the Harris
incase he further threatens us to pay the new rent.

In the mean time many flats already paid the harris with new rent of KD 285 Plus 5 KD garbage with reciept.Most of them who piad are sharing flats who wanted to avoid the threat of the sharing flats to vacate immediately.

The Harris now started to feel the threat of flat members who have decided to go to court. He called the flat members who all agreed to go to court in the evening for a compromise. He said he would request the Landlord to consider for a compromise and have a reasonable hike as most of them have families , with kids going to school and all the problems you are facing. Collectively the flat members agreed that a hike of KD 10/- was agreeable .The Harris then said he would convey this to the Landlord and revert back to what his decision is. The Next day evening the Harris called us all in the evening and said that the Landlord has agreed for KD 15/- and that was final , after that you can go to court. The flat members collectively told the final decision of KD 10/- was ok with us otherwise we are going with court. The Harris the same night called all the flats and said that Landlord agreed for KD 10/-

We strictly conveyed to him that after reviewing the new contract  with Landlord signature only we will sign the new contract and pay him new rent of KD 270/- .Harris conveyed that since its Ramadan EID holidays he will only be able to

give us the new contract after  that. We all paid the new rent and collected the receipt with his signature. He has promised to give us the new contract for 5 years after eid holidays. If he doesn't give us the contract we will not be

paying him the rent for the next month.

Our unity has also helped those flats who went ahead and paid the agreed rent of KD 285/- , now we all pay KD 270/- . At least we saved KD 15.

Just sharing our experience , to please stay united .Its because of our own self approach we miss to taste the fruits of unity and such Harris takes advantage of our weakness.

As per Kuwait Rent law ,Landlord cannot increase a rent once you signed a contract and legally it is valid for 5 years. You can submit your plea to court and pay the rent in court.

Please stand united as we did and do not allow the Harris to rule or underestimate you. When we all are united they cannot do anything.
Thank you for your time to read .

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