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Close to 476,000 expats deported this Hijri year
Close to 476,000 expats deported this Hijri year

JEDDAH: Makkah region has recorded the highest proportion of 42 percent in terms of the deported foreign workers violating the residency and labor rules during the past nine months of this Hijri year.
Recent statistics showed that the Ministry of Interior deported 475,943 people who were in violation of the residency and labor regulations to their home countries since the beginning of this year until Ramadan.
Jazan ranked second on the list with 22 percent of the total, followed by Riyadh 12 percent and Madinah 5 percent.
The number of violating workers deported in the Northern Border, Tabuk, Qasim and Jouf provinces did not exceed 1 percent during the same period.
According to the latest government statistics about 9,072 labor violators residing in the shelters allocated by the Kingdom are still waiting for the completion of deportation procedures.
Meanwhile, law enforcement authorities have confirmed they will continue inspection campaigns in all locations without exception.
A visit to such locations and sites where foreign workers usually gather revealed that unskilled workers have returned to several of these areas in Riyadh.
Crown Prince Mohammad bin Naif, who is also interior minister, earlier issued a decision to impose the most severe sanctions on the violators of residency and labor regulations, most notably fines, imprisonment and deportation. The sanctions will be doubled in the case of repeat violators. The sanctions also apply on citizens who transport, harbor or shelter a violating worker.
The General Directorate of Passports said in a recent statement that procedures to deport the violators of residency and labor regulations will only take one day if all official documents were in order.
The Passport Department said if the violator does not have in his possession identification documents, his deportation will be delayed until the violator’s embassy supplies such documents. Speeding up procedures rests with the embassy and not the Passport Department.


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