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What is Good Health?
What is Good Health?

Most people regard good health as merely being, “Absent from disease or illness”. Most people are content to just get out of bed in the morning and know that they are alive. For most to be healthy simply means “Not to be Sick”

The true definition of good health is much broader than that. Good health means being able to live life to the fullest. It means waking up in the morning in a clear, happy state of mind, with copious amounts of energy and a spring in your step that lasts the whole day. This is living at ones peak!
“Good Health is a state of OPTIMAL physical, emotional,
mental and spiritual well-being”
Many people wonder how their immune system is performing. Is it functioning well, or are there areas that need improvement?

How you answer the above question, questions may determine if you might be suffering from any chronic ailments or immune dysfunction.
The majority of the Asian population is in a state of 'pre-illness' without
knowing it.

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