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homemade acne treatment
Acne on the face hurts a lot. It affects the person mentally and physically. Through homemade acne treatment we can successfully treat and cure acne, it is easy and safe way to cure acne.  Some ways to prevent and cure acne
1. We all know about the “Neem leaves”, mixing it with water and making paste out of it, apply this paste on your face for some minutes and then wash it, it proves a very good homemade acne treatment.
2. Second, the rose water you know when we mix it with sandalwood paste it proves to be good treatment, just apply it for 25 minutes and then rinse off it with cold water.
3.Aloe Vera is best for acne treatment it’s juice is very effective, apply on affective areas and see the result. We all would know about cumin seeds, same thing the paste of this seeds cure acne.
4. Oatmeal paste is also applied for preventing acne. oatmeal paste is also considered as one of the best homemade acne treatment.
5. Now the basic homemade acne treatment which an expert also gives is proper sleep, exercises and workout. Question comes up what is your daily routine are you stuck to junk foods, if yes then change your habit. BURDOCK, SARSAPARILLA AND YELLOW DOCK can give and overnight result and bring pimple to manageable state. Tasty carrots are a good homemade acne treatment, they contains lots of vitamins and beta carotene. Eating lots of carrots not only cures acne but takes care of your eyes.

some tips to prevent acne
your daily life routine makes an imp. role. Eating lots of water and avoiding junk foods will take you to safer side. Acne makes troubles till the age of 30 till then tries to prevent it by your daily routine and above discussed methods. Homemade acne treatment is cheap and therefore is the first aid of your acne, don’t ever squeeze acne this will give spots and will take long time to vanish.

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