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Embassy call on labour disputes
Embassy call on labour disputes

Manama: Social workers interfering in labour disputes are harming the Indian community, according to a diplomat.

Indian Embassy charge d’affaires Ram Singh urged fellow nationals to approach the mission’s labour section for assistance instead of approaching social workers, who he said made matters worse.

“In the long term lots of social workers without any identity or credentials will harm the community and the people are suffering from this situation,” he said at the monthly open house

Mr Singh said more than 60 per cent of people attending yesterday’s session were social workers, while the number of cases represented was four.

“We have a case of 13 workers who want to go back due to physical harassment and nonpayment of wages,” he added.

“To my surprise I had these 13 men and another 12 people in my office last week, the latter group claimed they were social workers.

“We don’t know who is who and they say they are social workers, but when we ask for support like having to go from place to place to settle issues, they back out.”

Mr Singh urged Indians facing labour-related problems to select one social worker to represent them at the embassy.

“We cannot stop anyone who says he is a social worker and it is up to the community to make the choice,” he said.

“We have the Indian Community Relief Fund (ICRF) volunteers and representatives of associations like Bahrain Keraleeya Samajam, who we know by face.

“However, others who claim are social workers, and we cannot identify, is confusing.”

He also dismissed claims that the community’s lack of trust in the diplomat mission was the reason behind them resorting to social workers.

“There is no trust deficit and we explain our line of action to people and do everything possible within our limits to help them,” he stressed.

“It is a wrong impression that the embassy negotiates with the employer.”

Meanwhile, negotiations are ongoing between embassy lawyers and Midtown Contracting and Services regarding the 13 workers.

The employees reported to the embassy after their colleague Ashkar Karakkat Moiduttyaashkar, 28, died when he was knocked down by a car, while trying to flee his workplace, the GDN
earlier reported.

“Discussions are going on between the lawyers and we hope to come to a solution tomorrow,” said Mr Singh.

Mr Singh denied knowledge of social workers claiming money from insurance officials to repatriate dead bodies to India. 

“We are not aware of the issue of social workers claiming amount from the General Organisation of Social Insurance (GOSI), which is only applicable to work site deaths,” he said.

The official also dismissed claims the embassy paid extra money for


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