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Chubby Girls Getting The Hot Guys – Can It Be?
Do you look around and see few chubby girls getting the really hot guys?  Does it often seem impossible for you to find real love because you're a bit overweight?  Is it maddening and infuriating that men seem to look only at physical appearances and you wish it wasn't so?  Well, actually, it isn't so.

As magazines tell us over and over again that we just can't be skinny enough, men actually like a woman who is real and with a real figure.  In reality, if you look around you and see the variety of happy couples, you'll notice that it's not only the gorgeous and super ***** who find true love.

That said, it is still important that you take the time to assure you look your best when you step out.  This isn't only a matter of making yourself look appealing to a man, but it is a sign of self-respect, self-love and a certain desire to please.

But beyond this is your personality.  Yes, the long ridiculed personality that so many seem to dismiss in lieu of the all important *** appeal.  But *** appeal can only bring you so far.  A winning personality is what is really going to put you over the top and really get his attention.

I mean, how many times have you heard a guy brag about a potential love interest and how dull and unimpressive she was.  No, he'll brag about the fun conversation he had with her until late into the night.  He'll remember how great she made him feel and how amusing she was. And he'll look forward to seeing her again.

And all this has nothing to do with your weight.

Don't let the love go only to the skinny girls.  Go out there, be seen, show the great woman you really are, and nab that gorgeous guy for your own.

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