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New Changes for Child's Visa Renewal

I am a Person of Indian Origin. I sent my passport for cancellation mid-2005 when I got US citizenship, and I got it back with a cancelled stamp. My family has Indian Tourist visas. But my daughter's visa has expired. I need to renew but seeing all this debate about Surrender Form and a new type of visa called Entry Visa. My questions:

1. Do i need to now apply for an entry type visa? Tourist visa seems better as we stay much less than 180 days in India on a trip.
2. Will they ask for my surrender certificate for my daughter's visa renewal? I'd rather the dust settles on this debate since they're kind of in a mess right now.

Thank you for your advice in advance.
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RE: New Changes for Child's Visa Renewal
Hello buddy.
this was a good question but i don't know about it.
I am also want to know the answer of this question.
can anyone help us.
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RE: New Changes for Child's Visa Renewal
Thanks for replying on my thread.
I appreciate your post.

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