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Omani, expatriate motorists to be fined for misusing taxi lanes in Dubai
Omani, expatriate motorists to be fined for misusing taxi lanes in Dubai

Starting from April 1, Omanis and expatriates who drive into Dubai will have to pay a fine of AED600 if they are found using lanes meant only for buses and taxis.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai, the public transport agency, recently announced that a fine of AED600 would be levied on motorists found misusing the bus and taxi lanes. The RTA also said that the new rule will come into effect from April 1.

In addition, smart cameras have been installed on some roads, while Dubai Police patrols will continue to monitor other roads. In 2010, the RTA developed six kilometres of dedicated bus lanes in the city.

A survey carried out a few years ago revealed that from 2006 to 2008, the revenue accumulated in Dubai from fining traffic violators with vehicles holding Omani plates amounted to AED3.29 million.

Omanis biggest violators
Compared to those from other GCC countries, Omani vehicles registered the highest number of traffic violations — as many as 27,722 times — in the United Arab Emirates during the same period, with the amount reaching AED14.68 million.
Yahya Khalfan, a resident of Muscat, who travels to Dubai often, said that he kept himself updated with the latest rules and regulations introduced in Dubai, especially those related to traffic.

RTA website
"I usually check the RTA websites to look for any newly-implemented rules in Dubai, or any that are likely to be brought into effect," stated Khalfan, adding that he usually travelled two or three times a week to Dubai.

"My advice to motorists travelling to Dubai would be to keep themselves updated with the new rules and regulations implemented to avoid violating any during their stay there."

Furthermore, Saif Al Wishahi, a Shinas resident, remarked, "As much as we need visitors to respect and to adhere to the traffic rules in Oman, we expect Omani motorists to do the same in other countries, as well."

He feels that the RTA and the Royal Oman Police (ROP) must come up with an arrangement to disseminate information on any new traffic rules to both Omanis and Emiratis.


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