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Visit Visa Online
When I submitted my online request for family visist visa the website gives an error i:e
áã íÊã ÊÓÌíá ÇáØáÈ - íÑÌì ÇáãÍÇæáÉ áÇÍÞÇð

I dont know what it means can any body expalin Thank you.
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RE: Visit Visa Online
Dear Friend
the error message you are getting show that your computer does not support Arabic language because the message is in arabic language and your computer does not support arabic language so you you were unable to see exactly what is the message.
go to control panel in regional and languages select arabic language support so you can view this message.
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RE: Visit Visa Online
Thank You azeem
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RE: Visit Visa Online
No just when the thing showing error then select the error message an right clik it will show encoding go there an select arabic windos then the message will come in arabic that time an copy message an paste in google transilation u can see all details

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