Park Asterix

The Park Asterix is an amusement park in France. The park is centered on the Asterix stories (written by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo). The park is located at a distance of 35 km roughly to the north of Paris. Park Asterix was opened to the public in the year 1989 and is operated by Compagnie des Alpes.

The park boasts of having a wide range of roller coasters. The ancient Greek and the Roman cultures form the theme of the park.

Some of the major attractions in the park

Tonnerre de Zeus:

It is a wooden roller coaster that commenced operation in the year 1997. The Tonnerre de Zeus is Europe’s third lengthiest roller coaster having a 1230m track length. A lift hill to a height of 30m, a primary plunge and two helices forms part of the Tonnerre de Zeus ride.


This is steel roller coaster and has number of inversions. It has a total of seven inversions such as Butterfly, Loop, Side swinger, Double Corkscrew.


This is a big water slide. It has twisting movements along with the round hot-air balloon dinghies. The Oxgenarium started its operation in the year 1999.

Some of the other popular rides in the park are Grand splatch, a river rafting ride called the Romus et Rapidus started in their year 1989.

Admsision fees

For adults, the fee is Adults – 39€

For Kids, the fee is 29€ (free for the kids under teh age of threeyears)

The Car park is available for a fees for 8€ per day

How to get there

Since the parks are located at very short distance from Paris, the public transport like bus service is easily accessible.

Contact Address

Parc Asterix
BP8, 60128, Plailly France
Phone Number: + 33 03 44 62 34 04

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