Mer De Sable, Paris.

Based on Wild West, is a theme park known as the Mer De Sable. It is located in a sandy clearing amidst the Ermenonville forest.

There are conventional park rides in this amusement park. For the adventure seeker there are roller coaster rides. Likewise, there are also illustrations, which are restoration from the old spaghetti films from the west. These are a real visual treat for the entire family to watch and get pleasure from.

La Mer De Sable is called by the official name as, Park of Ermenonville and nick named as, the sea of sand. Maurice Chevalier and Jean Richard, officially opened the park in the year 1963.The park is located in the northern part of Paris. Since the park is situated, wholly outdoors, with minimal cover up, it is opened about April unto September.

There are lots of splendid rides, a visitor can enjoy. One can take pleasure in travelling the Colorado train, the wet rides such as the wild river. Also present in the park are the Hall of Mirrors, Merry Go Round, pony rides. For the kids, there are the canoe rides, and for the older kids there is an exciting toboggan ride. There are also other attractions, such as the Ferris wheel and a log flume.

There are also other shows displayed such as, the cow boy shows, equestrian show, etc. A number of restaurants, cafes are located inside the Park.

How to get there

From Paris RER station, there are shuttle services to Mer de Sable.


La Mer de Sable




Telephone: 0825 25 20 60

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