Ireland India Business Association (IIBA)

The Ireland India Business Association (IIBA) was established on May 2008, with the aim to improve and augment business links between Ireland and India.

The IIBA is a non-profit association and promotes networking and knowledge sharing amid the Irish and Indian industrial societies. The organization offers standard networking events, online membership records, linking the Irish and Indian companies and discovering new prospects.

The association establishes close affinity with the government bureaus, industrial houses, and diplomatic corps and exhibits the prospects to the business community of Ireland by means of lively events program held nationwide.

The organization offers networking events and seminar programs, in the shape of business meetings with guest speakers.


Linda Mc Nulty, IIBA Secretariat
Dublin Chamber of Commerce
7 Clare Street, Dublin 2
Tel. 00 353 1 644 7226
Fax. 00 353 1 676 6043
For membership, contacat. 00 353 1 254 2630

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