En Gedi

En Gedi is an Oasis situated in Israel, in the south western direction of the Dead Sea, adjacent to the Qumran caves and Masada. It is a well-known tourist spot and houses Ein Gedi national park and national reserve. The park is spread on 1400 dunams area (one current dunam is equal to one decare area).The reserve comprises of 2 spring nourished streams, Nahal Arugot and Nahal David, with water flowing all around the year. The reserve is also fed with another two springs, the En Gedi and Shulamit springs.

The reserve is abode to a several species of animal and plans. Some of the animals, you will come across are hyrax and ibrex. Some of the vegetation you will see there are the Acacia, Sodom apple, jujube, and poplar.

A number of archeological spots are found at Ein Gedi national park are 1st century CE rural community and Chalcolithic Temple of Ein Gedi.

Kibbutz Ein Gedi

The Kibbutz Ein Gedi has a word acclaimed botanical garden encompassing a region of 100 dunam area. At this botanical garden, you can find more than 900 plant species.


Ein Gedi Spa:
Ein Gedi Kibbutz Ein Gedi Country Hotel,
Ein Gedi 86980, Israel

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