Bahrain Fort Museum

Research and archaeological shows discoveries initiated by the Danish mission since in 1954 in Fort Bahrain in which different civilizations had sequenced on this area, where it was listed by the Organization "UNESCO" in 2005 within the World Heritage List.

Bahrain fort Museum was inaugurated in Bahrain in February 2008 and the museum was built very close to the ancient fort, and according to modern design allows the convergence of light and air, and vision allows visitors to identify five major eras the archaeological findings.

The museum is located on the coast ‬on the northeast part of the fort, ‮and the base is ‬an anchorage on the sea. The‬ museum has been designed to be based on building‮‬ consists of two floors off the sea while supporting facilities are located in Building consists of one floor and a courtyard / garden café and cafeterias that offers different selection of food.

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