Kuwait Tamil Islamic Committee (K-Tic)

Kuwait Tamil Islamic Committee (K-Tic), a non-profit socio welfare organization of Tamil speaking Muslim community in Kuwait, (established in 2006 - registered with Indian Embassy of Kuwait and also with Administration of Grand Mosque, Kuwait Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs).

K-Tic has a impressive name among the socio-welfare organizations in Kuwait and Gulf countries whose benevolent works and enlightening activities and conserving Islamic uniqueness and also well known with the thousands of Indians especially all Tamil speaking people in Kuwait.

Association’s Activities, Details and Achievements:

Purpose :
a.      To work towards the progression of the community, intensify the extensive integrity and promote mutual unity.
b.      To implement effective framework programs within each individual for a distinguished education along with Islamic knowledge, bestow support towards socio-welfare, economic for the progress of Muslims as well as other Indian communities in Kuwait and in homeland.
c.      To enlighten teaching of Islam in order to create an ideal community, to uphold the feelings of unity and brotherhood. 
d.      To enhance cooperation among the fellow Tamil Associations working in Kuwait and to coordinate the Socio-welfare activities.
Aims, Objectives & Field of Focus :

The Organization shall be a virtuous, nonprofit, nonpartisan Organization having the following objectives and field of focus :
1.      Stepping forward and putting effort to eradicate struggles / problems faced by our Tamil Muslims within our Community and alerting the youth not to fall as a prey of Terrorism.
2.      Presenting Islam to the brothers & sister of our Tamil commune and instigating Islamic Da’awa within our Community by organizing Al-Quran, Hadiths, Shari’a & Fiqh Classes and Arranging to deliver Regular Monthly / Fortnightly / Weekly Islamic Lectures in Tamil.
3.      Arranging at least one or two Grand Program to deliver a Special Speech (Lecture) by Well-known Scholar from our Homelands.
4.      Establishing Classes for Teaching Al-Quran & Fiqh for Kids, and Co-existence.
5.      Moralizing General & Islamic Awareness thru Website (Internet) and SMS.
6.      Arranging one or two Umrah Trips per year in a precise manner.
7.      Arranging to issue FREE monthly Magazines, yearly Souvenir and Periodicals from Homelands & circulating them to our Community. Distributing our grand program CDs to the members for FREE.
8.      Most of our following programs, seminars shall be presented to all in general - irrespective of religion. Similarly even quiz programs to all Indian schools children.
9.      Enchanting with Special Activity Programs for Ladies & Children like General knowledge & Islamic Quiz programs, Computer Education etc.
10. Launching a general Library with Multimedia (Audio/Video CDs), Books in prominent Languages like in Tamil (as major theme) with other supportive Indian languages apart from Urdu, English & Arabic as well.
11. Visiting the ailing (sick) people in Kuwait Hospitals & make efforts to help them. Setting up Counseling Program for mentally disturbed, distressed & depressed individuals and presenting Workshop programs for various aspects of life (such as Self-Improvement, Self-Confidence, Stage-Speech, Medical & Law Guidance, etc.).
12. Setting up EAP (Education Awareness Program) a New Trend in Education Awareness and conducting seminars relating to EAP in Kuwait for the parents and students.
13. Implementing a well organized Scholarship Facility for the deserving students in India.
14. Developing a Career Assistant Council (CAC), which bestow advice in handling job perspectives, highlighting personal skills, pointing out placement opportunities to our community both inside & outside Kuwait.
15. As an eminent target, a well-determined Educational Trust to be established thru which Educational Institutions shall be instigated in future.
16. Establishing “DAR AL-SADAQA” to support Poor & Needy, Orphans, Disabled persons of Community regardless of religion and ethnicity.
17. Pledging to give respect & Urge to observe the Honor & Holiness Of Al-Quran & Hadiths and sustaining the Regards of the Pious Followers, Great Imams, Esteemed Personals who Devoted themselves.
Other Field of Interests :

Apart from the above, the Organization shall show interest :
a.      To interact with other similar Organizations.
b.      To provide for its members those who are interested and their families instructions and materials for studying the Tamil language.
c.      Arranging for Get-to-Gather programs during Eid & public holidays.

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